About Us


SgCatCondo is an online pet store located in Singapore. Founded in 2012, it began when the founder purchased a cat condo for his cats and saw for himself the benefits of having a cat condo. His cats became more active and they were able to get along better as they play with each other at the cat condo. They also found perfect napping spots on the cat condo!

Additional advantages of having a cat condo include providing a safe haven for timid cats as it allows the cats to see their surroundings more easily and have more visual warning time of any advancing opponent from the high level.

As such, they will be more comfortable in the open instead of hiding below the sofa or behind the table.

Cat condos are also great to have in a multi-cat environment because the higher-ranking cat gets to show its status by simply perching on the highest spot without being engaged in a physical fight.

In overall, cat condos provide safety, comfort, exercise and fun. So, wouldn’t it be great if all of our cats get to own cat condos?

Hence, here at SgCatCondo, we try our best to make our cat condos more affordable and provide a wide variety so that more cats get to enjoy the benefits. But we do not stop at just cat condos. We are continually expanding the list of items that could stretch the playtime hours of your cats and provide comfort to keep them happy and healthy!

If you find a product that you think would be great for our cats but cannot be found in our website, do email us your suggestion and we will consider to have the item added to our list.

Remember to have fun while shopping here at SgCatCondo!

The Boss